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Register your property

Advertise your property with us and ensure that it is made available to a qualified base of purchasing customers.


Mrs. and Mr. Owner, Advertise your property for free on our portal.
Your property will be available to the best real estate agencies and brokers in your region and abroad.
Please owner fill out the form.

Make a very detailed description of the property for sale or rent.
After registering your property, you will receive confirmation of this registration in your email or WhatsApp.
You can, at any time, request the deletion of your ad from our portal via email or WhatsApp.

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How it works?

Indicate the characteristics of the property and BHB will take care of the rest.

What is the assessment based on?

We analyze in real time data from advertisements published on the Internet, market trends and prices.

Our estimates consider a large amount of data, including characteristics of the property, such as floor and number of rooms, age, number of parking spaces, etc.

We also inform you of any percentage of recent sales of similar properties, provided to us by local real estate agents.

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How much is your property worth?

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Why do an assessment?

and you are ready to sell your property or are just curious to know if the market value,

or any other that may interest you, BHB provides an estimate of the value.

Our experts, each in their field, will help you.

We will immediately send you a report with an estimate of the value of your property, online or with the help of a real estate agent. This report is completely free for users registered on our portal.

What information do we need about your property

  • Number of rooms,

  • Hall,

  • Number of bathrooms,

  • Number of spaces in the garage, whether covered or not,

  • Land size,

  • Construction year ,

  • Construction footage.

  • Furnished property or not,

  • Condominium value,

  • IPTU value,

  • Status of documents

  • Built area and its size

  • Year of construction of the property.

  • Location, address, zip code

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